List of Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata




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Adamas University logo
ESTD 2014 | Private| UGC Recognised

B-Com (Honours) + MBA |  600,000

Exams List: MAT, CAT

"Professors are very helpful and got a lot of exposures through seminar....."
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University of Calcutta logo
ESTD 1857 | Government| Autonomous

Master in Business Administration |  80,780

Exams List: MAT, JEMAT, CAT

Admissions: Master in Business Administration admission 2017

"Very helpful teacher; outstanding campus. Overall good quality. ...."
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MBA in Finance |  NaN

Exams List: XAT, MAT, CAT

"Well, I knew about this college on some sites as I want to do MBA. It ...."
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ESTD 2006 | Private| AICTE Approved

MBA - PGDM |  390,000

Exams List: MAT, CAT


Lab infrastructure is superb of this College and we got a lot of he....."

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List of MBA College in Kolkata

Kolkata is located in the Indian state of West Bengal, which has one of the highest literary rates on a comparative scale in India. While the national literary average of India, as a country is 74.04%, West Bengal’s literary rate is 77.08%. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is witnessing a rapid increase of literacy rate by 6.28% approximately every passing year.


Management studies in Kolkata


Kolkata has been a pioneer in Management studies for many decades now. The number of Management studies related schools has been in a constant increase over the past few years. Kolkata, in fact, specializes in Management studies in particular among the other streams of education in West Bengal. For this reason, Kolkata has remained one of the top preferences of students who want to pursue higher studies in Management and related areas.


Prime qualities M B A Colleges in Kolkata

1.      Kolkata fosters hundreds of M B A Colleges providing the best quality education to each and every student who aspires for a bright future.

2.      M B A colleges in Kolkata achieves perfection in education levels through its focus on quality right from the first step.

3.      Any student aspiring to get admission in these colleges in Kolkata needs to ensure that his standard of knowledge is at par with the expectation of the institutions.

4.      Kolkata M B A Schools never fails to recognize the perfect student who fit in their eligibility criteria.

5.      The stringent selection methodologies ensure that the institutions get only the cream of students who can be their best products.

6.      Business Schools in Kolkata ensures that their curriculum is updated in a periodic basis, so aspiring students learn the latest Management techniques at all points of time

7.      The high levels of discipline enforced by M B A Colleges ensures that the education imparted to students are properly assimilated by them

8.      These business management colleges provides the best possible infrastructural facilities to students who gets admitted to support high quality studies by all students


Criteria to enter in business schools in Kolkata

Owing to the high quality of education provided by the business schools in Kolkata, the selection criteria are also very stringent. Institutions that offer Management study courses in Kolkata distills students through their thorough selection mechanisms. One such mechanism is the entrance tests that the aspiring candidates need to pass to become eligible for the admissions. These Entrance tests belong to general category exams as well as the specific exams conducted at the State level. Some generic entrance exam types conducted to test the knowledge of students applying to join M B A courses in Kolkata are MATCAT /GMAT and XAT. Based on the scores of aspiring students, their admissions are provided in different Manage Institutions and colleges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Types of Managements studies offered by Kolkata Management Schools

Management business schools in Kolkata offer business and Management studies in different to facilitate comfortable studies by intelligent students. Students who are able to do full time course are admitted in regular MBA stream. Working professionals who aspire to become a MBA post graduate can join the Part time MBA course offered by Management Institutions and colleges. For those students who cannot join full time or part time MBA streams due to practical constraints, Kolkata Management Colleges helps by offering the same through Distance education. Irrespective of the mode in which the course is imparted, Kolkata MBA Colleges ensure that their syllabus and lesson quality is at par with international standards. This is a huge value addition that students who get enrolled with MBA Colleges in Kolkata get.


Focus areas of business schools in Kolkata

It is an open secret that B-Schools across the world impart education on specialized areas like IT, Marketing, Finance and HR and many other streams. Business schools in Kolkata stand a bit taller than the other business schools. Apart from imparting knowledge and education on the above subjects, Kolkata business schools add value to the same in its own ways. The first and foremost aspect that makes Kolkata business schools special is the quality of faculty who teaches the courses. Highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals are appointed for imparting management lessons to students. This helps the students gain not only bookish knowledge but hardcore real life experiences pertaining to industry happenings.


Kolkata business schools offer Freedom of studies

The high levels of freedom available for the students who aspire to study in Kolkata make it a preferred place of choice for students as well as their parents. There are many private and Government colleges in Kolkata which offer MBA courses in different streams. Students are not only chosen strictly based on their scores in the Entrance examinations but also from a humanitarian basis. Every student is given more than one opportunity in the form of counseling, to choose courses that they are passionate about. Students are guided by experienced counselors in a proper manner to choose courses based on their career goal. Psychological assessment plays a crucial role to understand every student’s aspirations and goals to decide on the courses they need to be enrolled to.