List of Top MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

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Top MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the richest states which are located towards the South of Indian subcontinent. The state is famous for its spicy food, religious supremacy and multi lingual population. One aspect that has witnessed rapid development in the past couple of decades is education. Many colleges and educational institutions have been established in the nook and corner of Andhra Pradesh. Management study among the other branches is being fostered by approximately 257 colleges in the state. These colleges are spread geographically across 38 locations in Andhra Pradesh, making it highly viable for students to study in their preferred business school


Major specializations in Andhra Pradesh MBA Colleges

Some departments of Management acts as the basics of all organizations, irrespective of the nature of business they are in. Finance, for instance, plays a crucial role in an organizations development joining hands with Human Resource and operational aspects. 90% of the organizations depend on technology today for running their businesses on a day to day basis. MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh provides practically viable specializations like General, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Information Technology, Banking, Corporate Education, Foreign Language, Insurance, Retail Management,

Tourism Management, Business Analytics, Clinic and Hospital Management, Air Travel Management, Business Administration, Geographical Sciences, Health care Management, Managerial Studies, Media Management and Strategic Studies. This practical approach of MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh is highly useful to students to become equipped professionals even during their studies


Types of MBA Programs offered in Andhra Pradesh MBA Colleges

Ø  Out of the 257 MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh, many offer full time MBA courses for aspiring students. The full time syllabus is set by experts in the industry, leveraging their experience gained from top notch corporate.

Ø  Many colleges offer Part Time MBA to working community who wants to pursue their post graduation in Management studies. Special classes during weekends are being conducted by the concerned colleges to strengthen the knowledge of the part time MBA students. The syllabus for Part Time MBA studies differ from the Full time course in many colleges.

Ø  Apart from the above two methods, many colleges offer MBA studies through distance education mode where the dispatch of study material happens through post and online. Online classes are conducted for such students to offer them a helping hand.

Ø  Some of the MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh offer fast track MBA programs both directly in a part time manner as well as through online. Fast track MBA courses are also termed as E MBA. These MBA courses are designed specifically for office going people who want to add to their knowledge and qualification in an emergency manner. Such emergency reasons may vary from personal to official

Ø  While the duration of the regular and part time courses offered in Andhra Pradesh MBA colleges is usually one year, the Executive MBA program offered is for one year


Types of MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh

The versatility of studying MBA in Andhra Pradesh colleges lies in the types of these colleges. While 226 out of the 257 colleges is being run by Private Management, 6 are public colleges run by the Government. This makes the scenario highly competitive. The high level of competition created due to such differentiation has a huge impact on the quality of deliverables to the students. Every aspect from admission to the graduation of the students gets the complete attention of the colleges. Such high competition level creates a situation where ‘survival of the fittest’ becomes an ongoing necessity. Ultimately, students and hiring companies become the main beneficiaries.  This is one of the main advantages of studying MBA in Andhra Pradesh business schools


Entrance Tests accepted in Andhra Pradesh MBA Colleges

MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh select their students by conducting various types of entrance tests. Every college chooses one of the following Entrance Test to select students to be admitted in their MBA courses. T








These Entrance exams are conducted during the particular month of the year every year. Based on the scores from these exams, students are selected by colleges for admission. Students who are particular about joining a specific college of their choice need to understand the entrance exam requirement of the college well in advance. This is important for them to prepare well and pass out the same, which is the first step towards their MBA dream


Cost of studying MBA in Andhra Pradesh colleges

As far as the cost of studying in MBA Colleges in Andhra Pradesh is concerned, students need to understand the following pertaining to the same clearly.


Ø  The fee structure differs from college to college

Ø  Cost of studying MBA also varies based on the major specialization that is being opted for by the students

Ø  The location of the college plays a crucial role in deciding the cost factor

Ø  The overall ranking of the college in the State as well as national level act as one of the major factors that decides the level of fee

Ø  The cost of studying MBA in Andhra Pradesh colleges ranges between 1 to 6 lakhs per year

Ø  Fee structure is one aspect that depends on many factors that are more societal and political in nature and so may differ from one year and another between colleges and major specializations

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